Prince of Persia Weapons
Wooden Stick
Wooden Stick
Wielder Prince
Weapon Stats
Game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

The Wooden Stick is the second primary weapon the Prince uses in Warrior Within.

Official Description

"The Wooden Stick is a weak replacement weapon. It can only chain together two combo attacks. The Prince must quickly replace it upon reaching the fortress on the Island of Time."
—Official Booklet Description [1]


The Stick is only capable of performing combos of up to two hits


The Prince finds this stick and uses it as a weapon for a short time after the shipwrecks on the Island of Time. It was soon replaced by the Spider Sword.

It is unbreakable until the Prince obtains the Spider Sword, whence it becomes a breakable secondary weapon. Even if you have a secondary weapon at the time of obtaining the Spider Sword, as the cutscene ends, it will be replaced by the stick.


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