The Witch
Biographical Information
Name Witch
Gender Female
Birthplace Unknown
Species Human
Status Alive
Professional Information
Affiliation Serpent God
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame
Voice Actors N/A

Witch is the arch-villainess whom the Prince is destined to vanquish one day. The serpent-S symbol tattooed on her forehead is the symbol of the evil god she serves.[1]


Witch first assisted a young nobleman, who attacked Basra and killed everyone there, including the King and Queen. Witch used her magic to bring the heads of the slaughtered people back to life, and cursed them to roam the ruins for eternity[2]. She also marked the walls with the symbols of the Serpent God whom she serves[3]. After sacking the city the nobleman declared himself to be the new King of Basra, and tried to mount the magical Horse. When not succeeding in bringing it to life, he ordered the Witch to activate it. The witch took one look at the horse and knew that the enchantment on the horse is older and more powerful than her[4].

The witch has allied herself with Jaffar, and gave him his magical powers[1].

15 Years have passed since the destruction of Basra[2]. Witch used her magic to revive Jaffar after his first defeat by the Prince. After Jaffar's second death, the witch looked through her crystal ball how the Prince and Princess flew on the flying horse, now knowing the Prince's true heritage[5].

The witch has not given up on her vendetta after all this time, and has put into motion new plots[6]


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