The Prince standing at the bottom of a well in The Sands of Time

Water is an essential gameplay element in the Sands of Time Trilogy. The Prince can heal himself at Fountains and various points by drinking water. It also hinders the Prince, as he cannot run up or along walls whilst his clothes are wet.


The Sands of Time

In The Sands of Time there are fountains where the Prince can heal any injuries. He can also recover when drinking from pools and reservoirs. Near the end of the game, Farah and the Prince bathe together, and Farah takes her chance to steal the Dagger of Time.

Warrior Within

In Warrior Within the Prince can use similar fountains on the Island of Time to heal himself. He also learns that the Dahaka has a weakness to water, as it cannot pass the curtain of water covering certain room entrances. It is also possible to obtain the Water Sword in order to defeat the Dahaka and see the true ending of the story.

The Two Thrones

In The Two Thrones water still serves a healing purpose, and it also allows the Prince to revert to his original self after becoming the Dark Prince, probably for the same reason that the Dahaka can't get through the waterfalls to the time portals. In early versions of the game the player also needed to manually change the Prince into the Dark Prince by letting him walk into fire.

The Forgotten Sands

Water acrobatics

The Prince solidifies water.

Main article: Powers of the Djinn

In The Forgotten Sands, the Prince is given power over the element of water by the Djinn, Razia. He is able to use the following water-based powers:

  • Stop and solidify the flow of water to help navigate his brother's castle.
  • Become hard as ice and wipe out hordes of enemies with frozen blasts.