Walls of Babylon (Young Dastan Chronicles)
Walls of Babylon (The Young Dastan Chronicles)
Author(s) Catherine Hapka
Publisher Disney Group Books
Published August 24, 2010
Type Graphic novel
Series Young Dastan Chronicles

Walls of Babylon is the second of three books published by the Walt Disney Book Group. The Walls of Babylon follows the story of Dastan prior to his rise to royalty and the events in Sands of Time Film.

Official Summary

"Stranger in opulent silk robes, Kazem, sends hungry penniless Persian street rat Dastan on a caravan from Nasaf to Babylon, with a small box, in return for a large sum. Pursuit by royal guards and viper-carrying bullies seeking a reward leave the reliable messenger no choice. After delivery, twice the initial sum is promised, enough to set up the orphan in comfort for life. But the destination has a soldier dead from a dagger in his throat. Again acrobatic Dastan takes to the rooftops, his kingdom, fleeing with a price on his head."
—Goodreads description[1]