This article is about the enemy from The Forgotten Sands. You may be looking for Sand Vultures from The Sands of Time.

Prince of Persia Enemies
Vultures (Forgotten Sands)
Alias None
Weapon(s) None[1]
Damage None[1]
Behavior nonviolent
Weaknesses Power of the Djinn
Strengths Can materialize in or transport in various locations
Special Abilities Flight
Origin Created from sand by Ratash
Creator Ratash
Affiliation Sand Army
Series Information
Located In The Aqueducts
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Vultures are common enemy encountered in the Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.[1]


Created by the magic of Ratash, the Vultures encountered by the Prince are docile and will not attack the Prince at all. They appear at certain intervals of the game wherever the Prince needs to reach a certain area that is otherwise inaccessible parts of Malik's palace. They die after the Prince jumps off of them or if he lingers too long and fails to jump to the next vulture.



Vultures pose no threat and will not attack. However, If you see a vulture and there's no where else to jump, jump and execute a dash attack. This allows you to dangle on the vulture for a few seconds and jump towards either another vulture, platform or reach other interactive surface.[1] Vultures are one of the weakest enemies encountered.



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