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Physical Information
Location Unknown
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Factions N/A
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia (2008)

The Vale is a location in Prince of Persia. It is home to the Alchemist and his experiments. It is revealed by Elika that this is the place where The Alchemist made all of his machines and stayed almost all of the time.

The Prince and Elika will need to heal the Fertile grounds in this area to stop Ahriman and end the Alchemist´s reign and machine production.


The Vale is composed by vertical areas and giant cliffs with lots of plants once it´s healed. The Alchemist´s machines are scattered everywhere taking the form of giant flying machines, a massive tower and old crank-bases mechanisms.

Places of Interest

  • The Cauldron- The area that links the Vale with the Temple. The Alchemist fills it with corruption to stop The Prince and Elika.
  • Construction Yard- The area where The Alchemist builds is machines. The Prince and Elika are forced to solve a crank-based puzzle to reach the fertile ground.
  • The Reservoir- Once a water-filled reservoir, it´s now dry revealing the fertile ground in the bottom.
  • Machinery Grouund- The main warehouse for the Alchemist´s machines. The Prince falls into a trap here set by the Alchemist and is forced to reach the fertile ground quickly to escape being poisoned by Corruption.
  • Heaven's Stair- A massive tower built by The Alchemist to guard his most valuable experiments and protect him.
  • The Observatory- The highest point in the whole kingdom, it is here that the Alchemist made his fortress.


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