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Scene where we can see stone falling on sand floor P.S. - We don't get a scene that stone touches ground.

While watching Sands of Time I noticed some error that I want to share with you .

In the scene where Tamina tells Prince about the passageways underneath the city , which lead to Sands of Time . She also mentions there if the move fast enough they can reach the hourglass before Nizam . Later she locates and press a hidden switch that opens a passage for easy access to hourglass . When the scene rolls we are able to see a small stone falls from roof and hit the down the entrance and then run down ( the scene of stone hitting surface is not shown ).

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Dastan saves a big rock but a small stone rushes to touch ground

Tamina instructs that the is just one safe path toward entrance and nothing else can touch surface other that where she steps.

Sda (1366 x 768)

Prince is unable to save stone from reaching sand surface

But later we can see prince saving a big rock from hitting sand ground and then a small stone hit ground which causes the whole floor to turn into sand and prince falling in quick sands .


Well this creates some wrong directions as the surface must had been start falling since the stone touch ground even before Tamina pressing key for correct path