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    While watching Sands of Time I noticed some error that I want to share with you .

    In the scene where Tamina tells Prince about the passageways underneath the city , which lead to Sands of Time . She also mentions there if the move fast enough they can reach the hourglass before Nizam . Later she locates and press a hidden switch that opens a passage for easy access to hourglass . When the scene rolls we are able to see a small stone falls from roof and hit the down the entrance and then run down ( the scene of stone hitting surface is not shown ).

    Tamina instructs that the is just one safe path toward entrance and nothing else can touch surface other that where she steps.

    But later we can see prince saving a big rock from hitting sand ground …

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  • Soham Dharmadhikari

    Coming on Wikia

    February 7, 2015 by Soham Dharmadhikari

    When today I was searching for some thing to hang out I found this wiki , its awesome POP wikia , it contain nearly each and every thing from whole POP universe , its really amazing . But there are lot of things that still have to found from Prince of Persia

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