This article is about the life upgrades in Warrior Within. You may be looking for the Magic Fountains in The Sands of Time.
Prince of Persia Object
Warrior Within Life Upgrade activated
Upgrade Pedestal
First appearance
First Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Last 'see above'
Wielder Island of Time (location)

The Upgrade Pedestal[1][2] is a gameplay element in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. Upgrade pedestals allow the player to extend the life bar of the Prince.

Official Description

"It is rumored there are several secret paths you may stumble upon throughout the Prince's stay on the Island of Time. Though dangerous and filled with deadly traps, his reward for passing them is an Upgrade Pedestal. Upgrade Pedestals present the Prince with a Life Upgrade, increasing his total health capacity. It is rumored there are a total of nine of these scattered throughout the Island of Time, and only when all nine have been collected, will the true path be revealed to the Prince"
—Official booklet description[1]


The Life Upgrades in Warrior Within are more difficult to access due to the large variety of traps protecting them, becoming more dangerous as the game progresses. After the Life Upgrade is obtained, the traps deactivate, but the player has to be careful not to rush out immediately after obtaining the upgrade, as the traps take a few seconds to deactivate.

In Warrior Within there are nine life upgrades that the player can collect increased health. Collecting all of them can unlock the optional Water Sword and a secret ending if the player chooses to take the sword. This is the only game where the life upgrades affect the storyline. All Life Upgrades must be gained to gain the canon ending.





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