Okay you may have blocked him but wikia doesn't always get it right i researched on kindred blades and the dark prince and i can safely say that he didn't write any misinformation

the cloaked man in the ending of ww is the doppelganger as seen in the kb artwork as well he is holding the staff of time and you can see that the boots that he has in the artwork is the same boots that are in the ending of ww and he has grey skin in that artwork

the vizier hasn't got black hair and in the artwork the character has blackhair and has an armour so he is not the vizier also the forums that were deleted in 2007 confirm that

and his voice in the ww ending is different from both the dark princes as you can notice and when the prince arrives in babylon the creatures are already sand monster so it can't be the vizier it is the doppelganger

so please unblock him and return his doppelganger page even killerz edited it as well so he is not a fraud and he doesn't travel back in time even Yannis confirmed it and the dagger that he is using is a simple dagger

the forums that were deleted confirm that and say the doppelganger has the dagger and he pulled it from the past that is how he created an army of sand creatures and he placed them in babylon

and the scene in ttt is to give a tribute to the doppelganger they wanted to recreate that scene with the dark prince so please notice this and unblock him and return his pages

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