• Hey. It's been a while.

    I wanted to go ahead and start updating and performing a wiki-wide updating of our templates and perhaps even the look itself. Partially, I want to go ahead and do this because I feel the wiki looks plain but I also recognize it will be beneficial to take a look at out templates and update them accordingly. My aim for the templates is to simplify them once more for ease of editing. I'll actually be looking into exactly how to color code them like before so we won't have to have an issue with that. 

    I have other ideas too that could enhance the setup and overall information displayed on our pages but I want to see your thoughts on what you think needs to be done. I don't wan to commit to updating stuff only to find it removed.

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    • Hey. Hope you're doing well, and had a good new year.

      As long you can figure out how to color code the templates again, I can adjust to the infoboxes template update. I'm not particularly great at editing them, but I can learn.

      What exactly did you have in mind to make the wiki, I guess, more vibrant? I figure my only issues wold just maintaining the readability of the text if it entails changing the color or the background. Thus far my attempts at creating better backgrounds has been rough because Wiki's file size issues and gauging where the images appear and disappear around the edges of the website's content page.

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