• I looked through the logs and I don't see multiple accounts under their name.

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    • Aybora and Aybora2005 are the same user. They were removing or rewriting content in the Dark Prince and Kindred Blades articles with misinformation.

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    • Okay you may have blocked him but wikia doesn't always get it right i researched on kindred blades and the dark prince and i can safely say that he didn't write any misinformation

      the cloaked man in the ending of ww is the doppelganger as seen in the kb artwork as well he is holding the staff of time and you can see that the boots that he has in the artwork is the same boots that are in the ending of ww and he has grey skin in that artwork

      the vizier hasn't got black hair and in the artwork the character has blackhair and has an armour so he is not the vizier also the forums that were deleted in 2007 confirm that

      and his voice in the ww ending is different from both the dark princes as you can notice and when the prince arrives in babylon the creatures are already sand monster so it can't be the vizier it is the doppelganger

      so please unblock him and return his doppelganger page even killerz edited it as well so he is not a fraud and he doesn't travel back in time even Yannis confirmed it and the dagger that he is using is a simple dagger

      the forums that were deleted confirm that and say the doppelganger has the dagger and he pulled it from the past that is how he created an army of sand creatures and he placed them in babylon

      and the scene in ttt is to give a tribute to the doppelganger they wanted to recreate that scene with the dark prince so please notice this and unblock him and return his pages

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    • At this point, you're being blocked for the simple reason that you continue to bypass the blocks placed on the accounts you created for other wikis or just to keep posting here at the site. I've dealt with these kinds of situations on other Wikis before. You're not fooling anyone by saying you're the friend or brother of the user I blocked.

      The cloaked man at the end of Warrior Within is the Dark Prince. Michael Rudder's voice role in Warrior Within is credited as "The Dark Prince" on his official Internet Movie Database profile and has never been contested with information to the contrary in any official material for Warrior Within or The Two Thrones. The Dark Prince has only had two voice actors in the SOT-era, Rudder and Robin Atkin Downes. No one else.

      The Dark Prince is referred throughout the early development of Kindred Blade as the "Dark Prince". Yannis Mallat is interviewed about the progress of the game on more than one occasion (for example), and calls both halves of the Prince "Dark Prince" and "Light Prince".

      The characters in the concept art are early designs of the Vizier, the Prince, and Dark Prince - none of which carried over into The Two Thrones. The story of Kindred Blades maintains the same narrative beats of The Two Thrones with only minor alternations.

      There is no Doppelganger Prince who takes over Babylon, the Vizier was always going to be the villain of the last SOT-era game.

      The Dark Prince's design in Warrior Within is an early design of the character. Different clothes, hair, none of that disproves the fact that concept art for Kindred Blades is early concept work for the game. All of the information regarding Kindred Blades is cited from gaming sites that actually covered the game before its redevelopment into The Two Thrones.

      The only character in a SOT-era games explicitly treated like a doppelganger is the Sand Wraith, who is canonically killed in Warrior Within by the Dahaka.

      Thread discussions on Ubisoft's forums regarding Prince of Persia 3 go back as far as 2005, and most of the threads discussing Kindred Blades is fan speculation about what the game was or could've been. Any canonical references made to the game's early development are articles copy/pasted from gaming sites.

      Whatever you read on the "forums that were deleted", for lack of a better word, is bunk.

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