The Search for Crya (Young Dastan Chronicles)
The Search for Cyra (The Young Dastan Chronicles)
Author(s) Catherine Hapka
Publisher Disney Group Books
Published August 24, 2010
Type Graphic novel
Series Young Dastan Chronicles

The Search for Crya is the third of three books published by the Walt Disney Book Group. The Walls of Babylon follows the story of Dastan prior to his rise to royalty and the events in Sands of Time Film.

Official Summary

"Cyra is the girl who helped Dastan find the magic Torch of Atar in book #0. Dastan is the street rat adopted by the 3-6th Century King of Persia for film "Prince of Persia: Sands of Time" based on video game. His acrobatic skills make the rooftops of Nasaf "his kingdom", a necessary skill when the orphan finds himself fleeing with a price on his head."
—Goodreads description[1]