Prince of Persia Enemies
The Corrupted
The Corrupted
Alias Warrior, Concubine, Alchemist, Hunter
Weapon(s) Staff (Concubine), Alchemy (Alchemist), Staff (Warrior), Katar (Hunter)
Behavior Aggressive
Weaknesses Light of Ormazd
Origin City of Light[1]
Species Human (formerly)
Creator Ahriman
Series Information
Appearances Prince of Persia (2008)

The Corrupted (Warrior, Concubine, Alchemist, and the Hunter) are four of the strongest warriors aligned with the God of Darkness, Ahriman. During the events of Prince of Persia, the corrupted waged conflict against the remaining followers of Ormazd, spreading the corruption in an effort to free Ahriman.

Official Description

"Ahriman’s power is spread across his minions. To turn back Ahriman, the Prince and Elika must strike down the God of Darkness’ four soldiers, known as the Corrupted. These grotesques were once humans. But their hearts were weak at just the wrong moment, allowing Ahriman to slither inside and ruin them. Can they be redeemed? Or must each be dealt one final blow to bring Ahriman to his knees?"
Official Description[2]


Cosmic War

When Ahriman discovered the usage of Corruption to take away control from his brother Ormazd, he began using his power to influence men and women with various promises. When they were completely under his control, he appointed four individuals to act as his lieutenants.

Ormad began to target the other corrupted in turn in an attempt to weaken Ahriman, only to become tired from it. Using the last of his strength, he sealed away the lieutenants as well as Ahriman with a trick in the Tree of Life before disappearing into the cosmos.[2][3]

Events of Prince of Persia

The four corrupted attempt to prevent Elika, the daughter of the Mourning King, from cleansing the City of Light of Ahriman's influence and prevent her from reaching the Mourning King, who seeks to free Ahriman from the Tree of Life. The four draw on what remains of their past lives as human beings (temptation, the skill of a hunter, the power of alchemy, and the prowess of a warrior) to stop Elika and her companion, the Prince.[1]

Of the four, the Warrior attempted to show them mercy, warning them away from their mission in an effort not to kill them when he tried to destroy the Fertile Grounds. The Hunter, a slave to his power, fought them as an animal. The Warrior and Hunter, willingly submitted themselves to Elika's power and allowed themselves to be cleansed. The Concubine and the Alchemist fought Elika and the Prince with intention of stopping them from reaching their master, and were defeated by them both.[1]

Named Corrupted


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