The Chronicle of Young Dastan
9781423127093 300X300
Author(s) Catherine Hapka
Publisher Disney Group Books
Published April 13, 2010
Type Graphic novel
Series Young Dastan Chronicles

The Chronicle of Young Dastan is the first of three books published by the Walt Disney Book Group. The Chronicle of Young Dastan following the story of Dastan prior to his rise to royalty and the events in Sands of Time Film.

Official Summary

"Before he was the Prince of Persia, Dastan was a common street urchin. Travel on an amazing journey in an all-new 256-page story based on the early life of Dastan, the charming protagonist of the upcoming film, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time!"
— description[1]


"Dastan loses his best friend Javed to evil White Huns seeking magic "Torch of Atar" that controls power of light and darkness. Girl Cyra and "Magian" Vindarna assist in search."
—Goodreads description[2]