The Beach
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Physical Information
Region Island of Time
Location Fortress of Time
Political Information
Rulers Kaileena
Factions Kaileena's armies
Races Sand Creatures
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

"Come on, I know your out there... Show yourself! Where I come from we face our opponents... And if our enemy is unarmed, we offer them a sword."
—The Prince taunting Shahdee [1]

The Beach is a remote area located outside the Fortress of Time Entrance.


The Beach is where the prince arrives after being defeated by Shahdee. Shahdee's mission was to prevent the prince from reaching the island, however; she caused him to float onto shore by kicking him into the sea.

The prince awakens to find his swords are gone, forcing him to use a weak stick to defend himself. As he climbs up the ruins of the island, he eventually arrives at the fortress entrance, where he begins to chase Shahdee.


  • There are a total of two artwork chests located on The Beach.


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