Tamina medallion amulet

Tamina (holding her amulet) is a descant of the young girl who saved mankind from the Gods.

Tamina's family are guardians of the Sands, Dagger and Sandglass of Time.[1]


Confronting the Gods

When the Gods wanted to wipe mankind off the face of the earth with a sandstorm, a young girl appealed to them. She presumably offered her life in exchange for mankind's second chance. Seeing the purity within, the gods were reminded of mankind's potential for good and decided to seal the sandstorm into the Sandglass of Time.[1]

Guardians of the Sands of Time

With Sandglass was hidden beneath the city of Alamut, the young girl who saved mankind, and her family became its protector. The young girl's family took on the duty of protecting the Dagger and the Sandglass of Time. They guarded the power of eons. Their descendants, chief among them Tamina's family, continued on the tradition. As long as they protected hourglass, time would go on for mankind.[1] Amulet of Time

Events of The Sands of Time

At some point in time, Tamina was appointed as the chief protector of the Dagger of Time. When the Persians invaded the city, Tamina attempted to get the Dagger of Time out of their reach using one of the palace guards. However, a run of bad luck landed the Dagger into the sands of Persia's youngest prince, Dastan.[1]

A prisoner of war, Tamina attempted to get the dagger out of Persian hands, however, she became entangled in Dastan's escape from his home after he was framed for the murder of his adoptive father by his uncle Nizam. Tamina would try several more times to steal the Dagger from Dastan before eventually agreeing to work with him to stop Nizam.[1]

When it appeared that Nizam would be successful in releasing the Sands from the Sandglass of Time and shaping history to his will, Tamina sacrificed herself in order for Dastan to stop him. When the events that transpired were reversed by Dastan, he returns the Dagger to Tamina as they are arranged to married.[1]


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