Retodon8's article makeover

First of all, I adopted Wikipedia's Be bold policy here. Please tell me if I'm not supposed to. Worst case scenario, my change can easily be undone anyway.

Since this article is about the PoP universe (universes really), it seemed to make more sense to sort all the different content by universe rather than by media/content type. (I changed the word "media" into "content" in the article, since I believe that is more correct.) After all, if the reader opens the "Universe" article (s)he is probably interested in what content belongs in what universe, not so much in the type of content/media. I did put that info in a column so it's still relatively easy to filter if you want to, with additional help from a release date column. The previous incarnation of this article was, in my opinion, a little too similar to Category:Games (or more broadly Category:Content) to be very useful.

I put the game ports in the same row as the original versions to simplify things a little. They are mostly the same game anyway, although I made an exception for Prince of Persia Classic which was re-made from the ground up. I listed The Fallen King with the other "Corruption" games (best name I could think up for now), although it is an alternate timeline, or "parallel universe" if you wish. The new SoT film universe is a similar situation, but since there is also the graphic novel and I didn't want to complicate the table (remember the chronological order), I decided to split up those two universe versions. Retodon8 23:19, December 16, 2009 (UTC)