where did this story comes from? I have the Australian game and the manual has a TOTALLY different (and much better) back story for the concubine

"a beautiful woman, adept at navigating the politics of the court, the Concubine knew that, despite her intellect, the power of her land lay with men. Her only route to influence and riches was to use her beauty to manipulate those who held the power she craved. With beauty, though, comes jealousy, and when the Concubine became involved with a man of great power, another woman had her beaten and scarred. Left without her way to manipulate and the influence she worshiped, the Concubine turned to the one who could give her power."

Yes, my manual says exactly the same. And is it really true, that the Corruption Bats are able to appear everywhere within the palace? I´ve played to this point several times, and they always appear first in the throneroom. 16:32, December 25, 2009 (UTC)

The Concubine has some very interesting bits of dialogue when she talks with the Prince...I don't actually remember what she says, but quite a lot of it seems to indicate stuff about the Prince's actual past and deepest desires....I think that if anyone remembers her dialogue or has access to file, they ought to put some of it on the page. IP no. 16:35, February 20, 2011 (UTC)

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