Prince of Persia Enemies
Spike Beasts
Weapon(s) None
Damage High
Behavior Erratic, Aggressive
Weaknesses Erratic behavior
Strengths Spiked armored skin, attacking in packs[1]
Special Abilities Self Destruct
Origin Island of Time
Species Sand Creature
Creator Kaileena
Series Information
Located In Cliff
Mechanical Tower
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Spike Beasts are a common enemy in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.[1]

Official Description

"The Island of Time was once home to several bands of feral wolves, but the Empress turned these fierce fighters to her side through the use of arcane magic. She has further enhanced these creatures by gifting them with sets of hardened spines that they use to impale and immobilize their prey. A mass of pent-up energy is released in a powerful explosion when a Spike beast nears death."
—Official Booklet Description[2]


There were once packs of feral wolves that inhabited the Island of Time, and the Empress of Time decided to add them to her ranks of minions. Using arcane magic, she transformed them into four-legged monstrosities, covered entirely in protective spikes.

These beasts torment the Prince by attacking in packs[1], and leaping at him. They can also walk on walls. Upon death, however, they have one more method of offense: the ability to explode, damaging anyone or anything nearby.


The Spike Beasts utilize a deadly charge attack, dashing toward an enemy, it will impale them on impact. When they are near death, Spike Beasts can unleash chaotic energy stored within them that will explode outward in an attempt to cripple the Prince. Spike Beasts are erratic during battle. If the Prince is able to use their wild behavior to his advantage, he can cause the beasts to kill themselves in an attempt to harm him.




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