Sheik Amar
SheikAmar 01
Biographical Information
Name Sheik Amar
Nickname N/A
Gender Male
Birthplace Persia
Family N/A
Status Alive
Professional Information
Occupation Entrepreneur,
Ostrich racing organizer
Rank None
Powers None
Series information
Appearances Before the Sandstorm,
The Sands of Time
Voice Actors

"Have I told you about the Umbaka?"
—Sheik Amar

Sheik Amar is an entrepreneur and ostrich racing organizer. He is portrayed by Alfred Molina in the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.


Before The Sandstorm

The Sands of Time

During Dastan and Tamina's journey, the pair meet a group of merchant-bandits, lead by the entrepreneur and ostrich racing-organizing Sheik. Dastan offers Tamina up as a slave in return for Amar's hospitality. However, the Sheik reveals that he knows who Dastan is and plans on turning him over to his brother Tus because of the reward for his capture; He fails however, and when Tamina frees all of his ostrich's the pair escape.

Dastan and Tamina are later captured by Amar again, because of the chaos they caused. Amar intended to claim the reward for turning them in to renew his business. But that night, when everyone was sleeping, the Hassansin leader attacked the group. Many of Amar's men died, but Dastan used the dagger to rewind time, and, foreseeing the attack, managed to kill all the snakes.

The next day, the pair, now accompanied by Amar and Seso, travel to the secret sanctuary in the mountains, where they'd planned to seal the dagger away the stone where it came from. The plan fails as they run into Garsiv and his men. Dastan, however, manages to convince Garsiv he is innocent, only for Garsiv to be killed by a Hassansin. Shortly after, they realize that the Dagger was stolen in the fight.

Sheik Amar and Seso, return to Alamut with Dastan and Tamina to reveal the truth to Tus. First, they must get the dagger, which is kept in the sacred temple, guarded by a Hassansin. Seso, the master of throwing knives, fights the spike-wielding Hassansin to obtain the dagger. He manages to retrieve it but is killed in the process. Sheik Amar then distracts the guards by serving as a decoy while Dastan and Tamina go find Tus.

Once Dastan rewound time, Sheik Amar's ostrich racing empire most likely returned to the way it was before Dastan arrived.