Shahdee revealing back

Shahdee's human appearance as a Sand Creature initially makes her and the Raiders unique to their counterparts from The Sands of Time, prior to the events of The Two Thrones. Presumably modeled after the likeness of her master, Kaileena[1], Shahdee wears revealing black armor and wields two broadswords as her primary weapons.


Though faithful to her master, the eons spent under her command as a somewhat autonomous being, led Shahdee to grow despondent with her role as a servant to the empress. Her response to an order given by Kaileena to kill the Prince by the Empress herself is to mock her trying to change her fate.[2] Presumably seeing the conflict between Kaileena and the Prince as a chance gain her freedom.

Her attempts to kill Kaileena in either timeline during Warrior Within, however, are thwarted by the Prince, who seeks vengeance for the destruction of his ship, and the death of his men. Aware of Kaileena's own attempts to thwart of her fate to die at the hands of the Prince, Shahdee shows contempt for her master before she dies at the Prince's hand.[2]


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