Warrior Within - Prince and Shahdee clash

Shahdee clashes with the Prince.

Shahdee is an accomplished swordsman, versed in a style similar to Kaileena's own. She's able to not only hold her own against the Prince in their rematch but also even defeat him on one occasion during their first battle at sea and is powerful enough to be considered the Empress of Time's second-in-command.[1] In addition to being extremely proficient in swordplay, she is also skilled in unarmed combat, chaining martial art kicks into her combos as well as using hand-to-hand attacks in place of her her swords to defeat the Prince on her own.[1]


Due to being made from Kaileena in her own image, she possess similar traits to her and that of capabilities seen by Sand Creatures. Suffering from no aversion to Water, she possess inhuman strength that allows her capable of overpowering Kaileena physically as well as being able to kick the Prince a distance away.[1]

It can be assumed that she also has a form of immortality, only able to be truly killed when an Artifacts of Time is present (such as the Medallion of Time).[1]


Twin Swords: Shahdee's selection of weapon includes two, identical twin swords capable of cutting through flesh.[1]


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