Shahdee was a servant of Kaileena, the Empress of Time. She is a minor antagonist in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.

Official Description

"Some say that Shahdee was created in the Empress' own image. Like everything else on the island, she exists to serve the Empress of Time. But, unlike the rest of the Sand Creatures, she enjoys a small degree of autonomy, functioning as the Empress' second in command. Nevertheless, the Empress is not the kindest of masters, and Shahdee has suffered years of terrible abuse at her hands. Over time, she has come to hate her maker, secretly devising ways to either escape the island or kill the Empress. She's just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself."
—Official Booklet description[1]

"A trusted subordinate of the Empress of Time, Shahdee must ensure that the Prince doesn’t reach the Island of Time.When she fails to prevent his arrival, she does everything in her power to destroy him, knowing that if the vengeful Empress sees that the Prince has survived, she will kill Shahdee."
—Instruction Manual[2]


Shahdee is charged with the duty of ensuring that the Prince does not reach the Island of Time. Shahdee departs with the knowledge that the Empress will kill her if she fails in this mission, but Shahdee believes that her mission is pointless; she is convinced that fate cannot be changed or defied, and that one way or another, the Prince will get to the island, and he will end Kaileena's life, even if she attempts to stop him. Despite this, Shahdee's loyalty to the Empress of Time is such that even though she believes it to be a fool's errand, she will do everything in her power to try and make sure the Prince does not reach his destination.[3]

Shahdee and her crew of sand Raiders attack the Prince's ship during a terrible storm at sea. While visibility is low, the massive attacking shipboards and sets fire to the Prince's sinking vessel. Mercilessly, the sand demons slaughtered the Prince's crew and Shahdee beats the Prince in battle, launching him into the ocean with a powerful kick.[3]

Naturally, Shahdee fails in her mission to keep the Prince away from the Island and falls into conflict with the Empress of Time. Shahdee chafes under the Empress' rule, and finds her mistress' determination to defy the timeline to be illogical. However, Shahdee meets her end at the hands of the Prince, angry for the needless slaughter of his crew. He stabs Shahdee through her torso with the Spider Sword in the center of the Sacrificial Altar. Shahdee bleeds to death and takes her final breaths, Shahdee cites that they cannot change their fate.[3]

At first, the Prince assumes that her message is for him, and that she was referring to his attempt to change his past and stop the Dahaka from pursuing him, but it is later revealed that the message was actually intended for Kaileena. Shahdee's death remains a form of torment for the Empress, as all is coming to pass exactly as it was foreseen.[3]



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