Secret Level Sword

The Prince discovers a sword in the Secret Level

The Secret Level found in Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time is an unlockable level based on the original Prince of Persia game released in 1989. The level serves as a bonus to the player, with pop beer puns and with a picture of the developers.

Accessing the Level

Sands of Time Secret Level

End of the Level


Start a new game but don't enter the room instead click and hold the Left Analog-stick, then quickly press A, X, Y, B, Y, A, X, B. You will then enter the first level of the original Prince Of Persia game, redone in 3D.

PlayStation 2

Start a new game, stay on the balcony and hold L3 (left analog stick). Then, quickly input the following: X, Square, Triangle, O, Triangle, X, Square, O


Similar to the PlayStation 2 release, start a new game, but do not enter Farah's room. Remain on the balcony. To access the secret level, hold X and press Space, Left mouse, E, C, E, Space, Left mouse, C.[1][2]


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