Sands of Time Trilogy Artifacts
Seal Forgotten Sands
Game Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Vital Data
Origin Rekem (assumed)
Creator unnamed Sorcerers[1]
Ability Protects users (when split in half) from Sand Army
Wielder Malik, Prince

The Seal is a magical object created by the Sorcerers for the specific intention to seal away Ratash's Sand Army.[1]


Individuals in possession of the seal's halves are protected from the deadly touch of the Sand Army. By proxy, the seal absorbs the essence once the monster's are killed, their energy is transferred into the body of the owner's part of the seal.[1]



When Ratash attacked the kingdom of King Solomon with the Sand Army, Razia and the Djinn commissioned powerful sorcerers create the seal for Solomon to use and trap inside a prison located below his palace in the treasure vault. He later entrusted it to the family of King Sharaman, who would protect his kingdom and the palace for the next thousand years of the army and Ratash's imprisonment. Prince Malik was later entrusted with the seal and the protection of the kingdom.[1]

Events of The Forgotten Sands

When the kingdom came under attack by an unknown army, in a moment of desperation, he used the seal to free the Sand Army and Ratash, inadvertently caused more damage to his kingdom. The seal was split in two when the prison was broken; both Malik and Prince used the halves to protect themselves from the Sand Army.[1]

However, Malik was the only one of the two began to fall under the influence of Ratash's army the more his army he destroyed and absorbed into his part of the seal. Razia warned the Prince to rejoin with his brother to rejoin the seals halves as quickly as possible, perhaps by force if his brother was unwilling.[1]

Unfortunately, in the quest to reunite with his brother, Malik's part of the seal was shattered when Ratash's essence was absorbed into it and directly into his body. As a result the seal was never reunited and the Prince was forced to destroy it completely using Sword of the Djinn.[1]


  • The Seal may be based on Seal of Solomon, a powerful ring said to give King Solomon command over demons and Djinn.
  • In Arabian Nights the Seal of Solomon imprisoned an evil Djinn inside lead seal stamped by the ring.