Prince of Persia Weapons
Scorpion Sword
Scorpion Sword
Wielder Prince
Origin Island of Time
Creator "Earth"
Weapon Stats
Location The Prison (Past)
Game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

The Scorpion Sword is the sixth primary weapon in Warrior Within.

Official Description

"Legends speak of a time when the Earth Goddess Zam was nearly destroyed by a rival immortal. Ambushed, she was caught unprepared and knocked to the ground. As her assailant approached, she called out to her child, the Earth for aid - and it responded. Its stones gave up their most precious metals, passing them through lakes of fire to melt them down, followed by layers of rock to shape them. The result was this unique sword, borne of the Earth. It is said that because of its origins, the blade can "speak" to the Earth itself, opening up pathways where none existed before. Upon finding this weapon, the Prince can return to previous areas and use it to reveal the island's secrets, as well as gain access to areas otherwise blocked."
—Official Booklet Description[1]


The Prince gains this sword after the Lion Sword is broken during his duel with the Empress. Just like the Lion Sword, it is capable of delivering "charged" attacks, however, this sword has the ability to break weak walls.


In the Prince's first attempt to take the Scorpion Sword, in the present, the Dahaka appears, knocking the blade off a ledge and out of reach and proceeds to chase the Prince into a portal. The Prince then goes to the past and recovers the sword after which a small army of Keepers arrive, followed by the Thrall. The Prince fights with the Scorpion Sword during his duration as the Sand Wraith, unless all life upgrades are unlocked and the Water Sword is obtained. This Scorpion Sword is what the Prince uses to fight Kaileena for the second time.


  • If the Prince backtracks after losing the Dahaka, the Scorpion Sword will still be located on its pedestal were first found. It cannot be interacted with, however, and he still must travel to the past to acquire it.



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