This article is about the save points in WWW and TTT. You may be looking for The Magic Fountains in The Sands of Time.
Prince of Persia Object
Save Fountain
First appearance
First Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Last Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
Wielder Island of Time (location),
Babylon (location)

The Save Fountain[1] is a gameplay element in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. Save Fountains allow the player to save their progress at any given time, in conjunction with restoring or extending the life bar of the Prince.

Official Description

"Throughout his journey, the Prince will come across numerous save Fountains placed in key locations around the Island of Time. Serving as checkpoints, these small fountains allow you to save your game, as well as fully replenish the Prince's health meter. We recommend saving your progress each time you come across a save Fountain --- you never know what's waiting for the Prince around the next corner!"
—Official booklet description[1]


Warrior Within

In Warrior Within, Fountains no longer function as life upgrades, but merely restore the Prince's health when he drinks the water and save a player's progress. On the Island of Time, Save Fountains restore the entirety of the Prince's health. Depending your control scheme and system, the designated trigger (for example, R1 on the PlayStation 2's DualShock Controller) will trigger the Prince's drinking animation. In order for the player to extend the Prince's health bar, they must locate at least nine Upgrade Pedestals.[1]

The Two Thrones

In The Two Thrones, Save Fountains can be located in most areas around Babylon the Prince travels. Save Fountains function much in the same way as they did in Warrior Within. However, Save Fountains that are hidden act as life upgrade, replacing the Upgrade Pedestal from Warrior Within and recalling the original function of the Magic Fountains in The Sands of Time.[2]

Hidden Save Fountains that upgrade the Prince's life bar are guarded by traps. The Prince must avoid them in order to reach the fountain successfully and gain more life. When he drinks water from the fountain, he will wake at the starting point next to a broken fountain devoid of water.[2]


  • In Warrior Within and The Two Thrones, a single press of the controller's designated button to trigger the drinking animation, will restore the entirety of the Prince's life bar.
  • The Forgotten Sands is the only game in the Sands of Time Trilogy that doesn't feature any fountains for the Prince to use as a save point or to recover lost health.


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