Sands of Time Trilogy Artifacts
Sand Gates
Game Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
Vital Data
Origin Babylon
Creator Zurvan[1]
Ability Easy transportation throughout city for Sand Creatures
Wielder Zurvan

Sand Gates are portals located at numerous spots throughout the city of Babylon.


There are nine of them, and their purpose was to provide Zurvan with an easy way to travel around the city. When the Prince finds them, he may first kill the Sand Gate Guard and any additional Sand Guards that may be present. After he has taken care of them, he can seal the gate with the Dagger of Time.

When a Sand Gate is sealed, the Prince will then be rewarded with a new ability or Sand Credits. If you miss any of the gates however, the order in which you obtain the rewards is always the same as what's listed below.


The player has the option of using the Speed Kill to kill the Sand Gate Guard or attacking the Sand Creatures head on. The latter option, however, will allow the Sand Gate Guards to

It appears that there were more portals than the ones the Prince sealed, as five portals can be seen from the Tower of Babel.

Screenshot0270 (1366 x 768)

One of sand gate found across city of babylon


Sand Gate Location Reward
Sand Gate 1 Fortress Additional Sand Tank
Sand Gate 2 Lower City 100 Sand Credits
Sand Gate 3 Upper City Gate Eye of the Storm Time Power
Sand Gate 4 Temple Exterior Additional Sand Tank
Sand Gate 5 Marketplace 150 Sand Credits
Sand Gate 6 Upper City Winds of Sand Time Power
Sand Gate 7 City Gardens Additional Sand Tank
Sand Gate 8 Outside the Workshop 200 Sand Credits
Sand Gate 9 Hanging Gardens Sand Storm Time Power


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