Prince of Persia Weapons
Sand Gate Sword
Sand Gate Guard Sword
Wielder Sand Gate Guard
Origin Sand Gate Guard[1]
Weapon Stats
Damage 4/4[1]
Hit Points 2/2[1]
Special Refills the Prince's Sand Tanks over time[1]
Game Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

The Sand Gate Guard Sword is a secondary weapon used in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

Official Description

"Pick up one of these swords after defeating a Sand Gate Guard. Though not as powerful as some of the other swords, its greatest benefit is filling the Prince's Sand Tanks."
—Official Description[1]


Events of The Two Thrones

When the Scythians are transformed by the Sands of Time, Zurvan presupposes some of the Scythian Swordsman into Sand Creatures that guard Sand Gates, travel points that Zurvan uses to communicate with his army.

When the Prince discovers the Sand Gates and how Zurvan uses them, he begins quickly dispatching the Sand Gate Guards throughout the city and obtaining Sands through the Sand Gates whenever he seals them off using the Dagger of Time.


The Sand Gate Guard's weapon's is a secondary weapon used primarily by Sand Gate Guards that patrol the Sand Gates. While one of the weaker secondary weapons obtained by the player, the sword's special ability that allows the Prince to regenerate his Sand Tanks makes it a crucial weapon in certain circumstances.


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