Prince of Persia Enemies
Sand Gate Guard
Sand Gate Guard
Alias Sandgate Guard
Weapon(s) Sword
Damage Moderate
Behavior Aggressive
Weaknesses Speed Kill
Strengths Moderate
Special Abilities Can summoner other Sand Creatures using Sand Gates
Origin Scythia
Species Human (formerly), Sand Creature
Creator Vizier
Affiliation Vizier
Series Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

The Sand Gate Guard[1] (also known as Sandgate Guard[2]) is a common enemy in Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

Official Description

"Members of the House of the Serpent were known for their high-defense armor a special blend of snake scales and tempered metal. Capable of sustaining a great deal of damage, these men have excellent skill as guardians. The Vizier's transformation only boosted their capabilities, and he has employed them to watch over the Sand Gates--- mystical devices used to move the Vizier's troops across Babylon. Their swords have also been infused with special magic that allows them to activate the gates, briefly opening a corridor between palace and gate through which more troops may emerge. Thought not particularly powerful on their own, the Sand Gate Guards ability to summon reinforcements means he is never alone."
—Official Booklet Description[1]


The Sand Gate Guards are a members of House of the Serpent and wear helmets adorned with the symbol of their house: Serpentine horns curved upwards instead of downward. Sand Gate Guards protect the various Sand Gates established throughout Babylon and are often accompanied by additional Sand Guards. Sand clouds given off by the Sand Gates always travel specifically to Guards instead of other enemies or the Prince.


When the Prince encounters these Guards, it's best if he can quickly take them out with a Speed Kill. If not, when given the opportunity, the guard will activate the Sand Gate, and summon continuous reinforcements.

The Prince should kill the Sand Gate Guard first, before he is able to dispose of the other Sand Guards and ultimately seal the Sand Gate. After killing a Sand Gate Guard, the Prince can take his sword, which will continually replenish his Sands as long as he's carrying it.


  • There are exactly ten Sand Gate Guards in the entire game.


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