Royal Palace
Physical Information
Location Unknown
Political Information
Rulers Elika,
Elika's mother,
Elika's father
Factions Ahura
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia (2008)

The Palace is a location in Prince of Persia (2008)It is home to The Concubine. It was the only area that wasn't in ruins prior to Ahriman´s release.


The Royal family lived here but when the kingdom started to crumble, the remaining Ahura started living in the Palace too although some areas were still exclusive to the Royal family. The Prince and Elika will need to heal the fertile grounds in this area to stop Ahriman.


The Palace is still intact in many areas but some have been damaged by corruption. The roofs are made of gold in contrast to the stone-made rooms. There are structures linking the various points in The Palace. In order to ascend the various towers, mechanisms have been built.

Places of Interest

  • The Cavern - The entrance to The Palace.
  • The Royal Gardens - The once plant-filled garden is now dry, even when healed. The Prince and Elika will need to solve a puzzle to proceed.
  • Spire of Dreams- A large tower where Elika used to sleep and play as a child.
  • Royal Spire- The tower home to the Royal family.
  • Coronation Hall- The place where the ceremony to choose the next King or Queen takes place.
  • The Palace Rooms - The biggest tower of the Palace is split in three floors. It´s where the Concubine made her fortress.


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