The Forgotten Sands (NDS)

The spirit of Razia is disturbed by a Cult who steals the Djinn Sword from its resting place in what remained of Solomon's Palace. At the same time, the Prince is abducted by a cult.[1]

They used the Prince and Razia in a blood ceremony that resulted in the theft of her powers and the loss of the Prince's memories. Razia believed that killing the four cult members --- who've become gigantic Sand Creatures --- will restore not only her powers, but his memories. The two set off and track down the cult members one by one.[1]

Their memories and power restored, when they confront the Master, the Prince manages to kill him with the Djinn Sword, but at the cost of Razia's life. The Prince drops the vacant sword from the top of the tower of Babylon, the Sword dissolves before it reaches the ground.[1]


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