Razia is Djinn female with dark brown skin, dark hair and slim build. Razia physical appearance is that of an ageless young woman. She wears an ornate green shirt fashioned in gold lining and jewelry, and black pants accented with silver anklets. She wears no footwear, but walks barefooted. Her hands and hair are similarly fashioned in gold rings and hairpieces that keep her hair from away from her face.


A fifteen thousand year old Djinn, Razia has acted as guardian of the Rekem and humanity since before the betrayal of Ratash. Razia is a wise woman and in the advent of the Djinn's exodus from the human population, the only living being with knowledge of the dangers of Ratash and his Sand Army. Razia is also a serious and matter of fact, explaining the Prince of what must be done.

She is also sympathetic and stated she wasn't heartless and knew what she was asking was difficult in regards to killing Malik in order to stop Ratash. She deeply cares for Marid, protecting the lands even when most of her kind left from fear of Ratash returning. And displayed true loyalty to King Solomon by protecting what he held dear to him.


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