Razia's Realm
Razias Realm TFS
Physical Information
Location Solomon's Palace
Capital None
Political Information
Rulers Razia (formerly)
Factions Marid (Djinn)
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

"This place is very familiar..."

Razia's Realm is dimension located within Solomon's Palace and home of Razia.


Razia's realm bears a strong resemblance to the realm of the Magic Fountains. The Prince comes across large floral doorways that reflect the movement of water suspended between the frame of the door and whenever he leaves, the entrance disappears and reflects a normal wall made of stone or mortar.

Inside the realm, destroyed remnants of larger structures and pathways float in suspended animation, a seemingly bottomless pit engulfed in white light right below them. Illuminated by moonlight and cloud, the largest structure maintained within the realm is the resting place of Razia herself, a large ornate gazebo where a floral-shaped fountain rests in the center beneath the large dome.

Razia rests within the water of the fountain and is awakened when the Prince attempts to drink from it. Made aware of the situation with Ratash and the Sand Army, Razia advises the Prince from her realm and gives him with Power of the Djinn whenever he needs aid in fighting the Army or overcoming obstacles created by their resurrection.



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