Razia SOT Character Render
Razia as she appeared in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
Biographical Information
Name Razia
Gender Female
Species Djinn (Sword Spirit)
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Occupation Guardian of the Rekem Reservoir (formerly)
Affiliation Marid
King Solomon,
Objects None
Powers see: powers
Abilities Powers of the Djinn
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (DS)
Voice Actors Salli Saffioti

"Who are you? What have you done?"
—Razia to the Prince[1]

Razia is a protagonist in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. She is Djinn, the Queen of the Marid. The Guardian of Rekem's water reservoir, she was an ally to King Solomon.[2] When her former ally Ratash is freed from his imprisonment in Solomon's Treasure Vault, she enlisted the aid of the Prince to stop him.

Official Description

"A Queen of one of the tribes of the Djinn, Razia has stayed in the city for centuries; her magic protects the reservoir that keeps it an oasis in the desert. She remembers the Sand Army--- and was there when it was sealed away. When she realizes what has happened, she appears to help the Prince--- while partly blaming him for letting Malik release the army in the first place. Razia is regal and stern; she does not ask, she commands. The Prince isn't used to being treated as a servant rather than royalty and resents it."
—Official Booklet Description[3]


Early Life

Razia once lived in peace with other tribes of the Djinn in Rekem under the allyship of King Solomon. Razia protected the water reservoirs of Rekem and Solomon's palace, allowing the populace of the kingdom to survive. Her magic protected the reservoir that kept the kingdom an "oasis in the desert".[2]

However, when the Ifrit Ratash decided to turn against humanity, she and the tribes of the Djinnn allied with King Solomon and fought against their former comrade and his Sand Army. When Ratash was trapped using the seal, he was sealed away in Solomon's Treasure Vault. In the aftermath of their battle against Ratash, all Djinn except Razia to depart from humanity.[2]

Razia chose to remain among Solomon and his people and kept a watchful eye in her own realm, even after Solomon's death. When Solomon's kingdom fell under the guardianship of King Sharaman's family, Razia fell into dormancy.[2]

The Forgotten Sands

When the Prince enters her realm, she was awakened from her slumber when he attempted to drink from the fountain she slept in. Emerging, she demanded to know why he entered her domain. After he accounts what occurred in the castle prior to his arrival, Razia decided to help the Prince, believing him and Malik responsible for release of Ratash and the army.[2]

When the Prince and Malik seem to kill Ratash, and Malik inevitably absorbs his power. However, his half of the seal was shattered. Razia explains to the Prince that Ratash cannot be killed by any ordinary sword, and that what actually happened was quite different than what the Prince saw. Ratash actually killed Malik and possessed his body. The Prince doesn't believe this, and sets out to find the Djinn Sword, which Razia says can kill Ratash.

Once the Prince retrieved the sword from the ruined Djinn city of Rakem, Razia sacrificed her physical form and merged with the sword, bestowing it with incredible powers capable of striking down sand creatures in only a single swing. She did not know what would happen to her once Ratash was slain, but the Prince vowed that he would see her safely home, a promise that gave her comfort while on the way to the final confrontation with Ratash.[2]

During the final battle, she and Ratash exchanged insults while the Prince fought valiantly against the Ifrit. The Prince finally struck the killing blow by plunging Razia directly into the medallion on Ratash's chest.

Afterward, the Prince retrieved Razia from the ruined palace. He called out for her but received no response. Assuming that Razia sacrificed her life to remove Ratash from the world once and for all, the Prince returned the sword to Rakem, respecting her desire to return home.[2]

The Forgotten Sands (NDS)

Following the end of the Prince's conflict with the Vizier in Babylon and the departure of Kaileena from their world[4], the Prince is kidnapped by a cult. That same cult managed to gain access to Razia's resting place in Rekem and stole the Djinn Sword where she still resided.[5]

They used the Prince and Razia in a blood ceremony that resulted in the theft of her powers and the loss of the Prince's memories. Rzia believed that killing the four cult members --- who've become gigantic Sand Creatures --- will restore not only her powers, but his memories. The two set off and track down the cult members one by one.[5]

Their memories and power restored, when they confront the Master, the Prince manages to kill him with the Djinn Sword, but at the cost of Razia's life. The Prince drops the vacant sword from the top of the tower of Babylon the Sword dissolves before it reaches the ground.[5]