The Forgotten Sands


As a Djinn, Ratash cannot be killed by ordinary mortal weapons. If his body is destroyed, he can transfer his essence into another vessel.[1] Ratash is able to possess the Prince's brother, Malik, when his seal shattered, overpowered by the energy it attempted to absorb from him. Ratash assumes three different forms while in control of Malik's body.[1]

First Form


His first form is his original manifestation. He is a giant humanoid Ifrit with red, fractured skin and horns. He can summon more enemies from his sand army and cast fireballs the stronger the Sand Army becomes. He also uses a large sword to kill enemies.

Second Form


After taking control of Malik's body, Ratash becomes a hybrid between his first form and Malik's physical appearance. His power and abilities are similar to the ones of the first form but he relies on the power of his own army to fuel his power. If he absorbs enough sand his strength grows and is exerted in an shock-wave that destroys all in its path. As his abilities change, so does his body and his weapons.[1]

Third Form


In the third and final form, Ratash becomes an enormous beast comprised of the sands of his army within the sandstorm created by his growing strength. He finally resembles more of his original and second form by proxy of his possession of Malik's body. He can fly and shoot energy beams from his mouth. He uses his claws to attack the Prince and can summon other enemies to fight for him.[1]


With his strength, he can destroy buildings with relative ease and cast powerful spells that can kill most with one hit. His magic was responsible for creating a powerful army from the desert sands out of resentment for humanity's pact with the Djinn.[1]

His power outmatches the likes of Razia, who barely manages to repel his powers with her own when transferred to the Prince, a human being. His army affected her ability to maintain her presence with the Prince, she would disappear, forced back to her realm whenever they appear.[1]

As an Ifirt, Ratash's dominant element appears to be that of fire. Addition to his elemental power, Rataish can petrify living creatures, transforming them into statues of Sand, not unlike the Wraiths.[1] Razia makes clear that neither she nor Ratash are invulnerable to what the Prince considered the most conventional and advanced weaponry. Though injury is possible, only magic from another Djinn can truly kill him.[1]


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