Princess 3D
The Princess in Prince of Persia 3D
Biographical Information
Name Princess
Gender Female
Birthplace Persia
Species Human
Family Sultan (father), Prince (husband), Assan (uncle), Rugnor (cousin)
Professional Information
Occupation Princess of Persia
Objects None
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia, Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame, Prince of Persia 3D
Voice Actors Andrea Satin (English)[1]

Andrea Kuutzsch (German)[2]

"...Whose beauty was like moonrise in a clear heaven."

The Princess is the daughter of the Sultan. She falls in love with the Prince and was held prison by Jaffar as a means.


Prince of Persia

The Princess was the only daughter of the Sultan. She was thought to be beautiful like the "moonrise in a clear heaven". When Sultan left his kingdom to fight in a foreign land, the Princess fell in love with a young traveler who climbed the palace wall to see her.[4]

This did not please the Sultan's Grand Vizier Jaffar who meant to marry the Princess himself. Seizing power, Jaffar had his rival thrown into the dungeon, but the young man escaped and struck down the evil magician and saved the Princess.[4]

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame

When he learned of his Vizier's treachery, the grateful Sultan offered riches but the stranger requested to marry the Princess. The Princess and the Prince were married. They lived together in peace for eleven days.[3]

Jaffar was revived somehow, and was out for revenge. He takes the prince's identity, and once again seizes power over the kingdom. The Princess tries to inform her father, but Jaffar catches her and locks her in a coma. The Prince eventually manages to kill Jaffar and save her.[3]

Prince of Persia 3D

The Princess, her father, and the Prince are captured by King Assan, the Sultan's brother. The Princess is forced to marry her Uncle's son, Rugnor and she is taken from Persia to another location. During the Prince's fight with her Uncle, her Uncle kills her father, his brother. Before he dies, the Sultan discloses the location of the Princess to the Prince.[5]

The Prince travels across Persia to find the Princess. His pursues Rugnor and the Princess until he catches up to them. He defeats Rugnor and takes the Princess to safety. However, the they do no return to Persia, but travel in the opposite direction of Persia.[5]


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