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This page is considered an official policy on the Prince of Persia Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.


Sock Puppetry is the act of creating one or more alternate accounts that a user may use to crete deception, confusions, disruption, etc. to users, articles, talk pages, etc. Such accounts are forbidden on the Prince of Persia Wikia.

On the Prince of Persia Wikia, the general rule is: one account, one editor. Although special exceptions may apply such as test accounts or bot accounts, keep in mind that it is best to keep one account for account consistency & continuity.


Many Sock Puppet accounts are made for various number of reasons. Here's some reasons why a sock puppet account may be made:

  • Block Evasion: One of the main reasons a sock puppetry account is made is for evade the punishment of being blocked. As such, many create accounts for vandalizing or disrupting to get out of such situations "scotch free".
  • False Consensus: This means that one may create an account to give support/opposition to a current dispute/debate like voting If a article should be featured this month.
  • Spite: Many time on the internet, there's various people who would go around creating such accounts just to test the patience of those on a wikia. Note that encouraging friends, family members, etc. to support/oppose a debate is also considered a form of sockpuppetry(called meat puppetry)

There's other numerous reasons why one would create such accounts. Whatever the reason may be, it is not permitted on the Prince of Persia Wikia.


The punishment for Sock Pupperty remains the same throughout. If an account is found to use be using "sock puppets", all the "sock puppet" accounts will be banned indefinitely while the "ring leader" will receive a warning. If the "ring leader" persistently makes "sock puppets", these actions will be considered a form of vandalism, in which means the handling of the sock puppetry will be how the Wikia handles Vandalism. See the Prince of Persia Wikia's Vandalism Policy for more info.