Policies are the rules concerning the Wiki and all it contains, including its users.

The following page contains all of the current Prince of Persia Wiki's rules and regulations, and is expected to be obeyed by all users, with NO EXCEPTION to any user no matter what position they hold on the Wiki. These policies are negotiable, though, and can be discussed through the talk page.


Local Policies

Local Policies are policies that're unique to this wikia. These policies will vary wikia to wikia. It is important you understand this wikia's polices before editing.

Prince of Persia Wiki:Vandalism Policy
Prince of Persia Wiki:Blocking Policy
Prince of Persia Wiki:Images
Prince of Persia Wiki:Manual of Style
Prince of Persia Wiki:Forum Policy
Prince of Persia Wiki: Blog Policy
Prince of Persia Wiki:Achievements Policy
Prince of Persia Wiki:Talk Page Policy
Prince of Persia Wiki:Profile image change
Prince of Persia Wiki:Sourcing Policy

User-Oriented Policies

User-Oriented Policies are policies in which are not only just like local policies but are aimed at users specifically such as conduct.

Prince of Persia Wiki:User Rights
Prince of Persia Wiki:Simplified ruleset