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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within (Mobile)
WWm Main Screen
Designer(s)Cristian Soare
Dan Teodorescu
Adrian Dorobǎț
Paul Friciu
Artist(s)Iulian Agapie
Daniel Rosu-Gutman
Cornel Oprea
Composer(s)Mathieu Vachon
Producer(s)Cristian Soare
Dan Teodorescu
Vincent Cotte
Christelle Leroux
Viorel Cristea
SeriesPrince of Persia Mobile
Platform(s)Java mobile
Release date(s)2004
Genre(s)Cinematic Platformer
Previous game (release)Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (Mobile)
Next game (release)Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (Mobile)

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within mobile version with simplified gameplay and story is developed by Gameloft.


The Prince changed his destiny with the Sands of Time, and now the Empress of Time is trying to erase Prince from existence with her minions. The Farseer tells Prince of a time portal that he must use to travel back in time to defeat the Empress of Time, and that she would most certainly sent the Temptresses of Time after Prince as well. Their boat is set ablaze, and Prince and the Farseer shipwreck on the Island of Time. Prince encounters the first Temptress of Time and refuses her. Just before going through the time portal, Prince saw someone similar to himself. After encountering the second Temptress of Time and refusing her, she sent Prince pack to his own time. Prince found another time portal and returned to the past, where he confronted the Empress of Time. Empress sent the Sand Wraith to fight Prince, and Prince trapped him under a trap for eternity. Since Empress of Time has put too much of her own power into the Sand Wraith to make him invincible, she lost control of time and was vanquished. Farseer congratulated Prince on his feats to defy his destiny[1].


  • Prince - Prince trying to change his destiny.
  • Farseer - Farseer helped Prince on his journey on the Island of Time
  • Empress of Time - Controls Time, created the Sand Wraith.
  • Temptresses of Time - Temptresses who try to stop the Prince.
  • Sand Wraith - Prince from another timeline who fell for the Temptresses of Time, and was changed by Empress of Time.


Combat is now more developed. There are nine special moves in the game called combos, one of which is locked behind the Arena mode. Those combos involve from attacks with swords to time manipulation. Some enemies are invincible and must be killed with finishing moves or be thrown into traps[2].

Life is now constant, there are no life upgrades like in previous games. Life replenishing potions still exist and can be found laying on the floor or hidden in barrels[2].

Gameplay consists of ten stages separated into 4 chapters. Warrior Within at first glance does not offer the level select like the previous game, but it is hidden in the new game selection after the game completion[2].

After the game is completed once, Arena mode in the main menu is unlocked, Arena is a survival like game, where you have to defeat number of enemies on total of fifteen stages. The lifebar is constant throughout the levels, and on predetermined levels there is health potion for healing. The first stage starts at 1 minute timer, and after each successful stage 40 second is added to the clock. Completing the Arena unlocks the last combo available in the game[2].


  • Chapter I: Destiny
    • Sands of Time
    • Escape
    • Temptation
  • Chapter II: Time
    • Search for the Past
    • Suspended Gardens
    • Sic Transit Gloria
  • Chapter III: Will
    • Barriers
    • Ascension
    • No Return
  • Chapter IV: Death
    • Sand Wraith




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