The Forgotten Sands

The Sisters of Time

The following events pertain to the PSP version of The Forgotten Sands that differ to the primary "Sands of Time Trilogy"

The story takes place after the Prince's abduction. He returns to his kingdom, where he finds out that many of his cousins have mysteriously disappeared. The culprit is a powerful fire spirit, Ahihud, who, legend has foretold, would eventually be defeated by a lonely hero with the blood of a king.[1]

Knowing this, the evil spirit has been killing every man with royal blood to ensure its survival. The Prince is aided by a female spirit by the name of Helem, who offers to lead him to the one responsible for hurting his family in exchange for helping her free her sisters: LamyaNajmah and Talah from imprisonment.[1]

Warrior Within

You Cannot Change Your Past

The following is the alternate ending of Warrior Within that differs from the canonical ending.

The hero reaches the Empress and tries to convince her to come with him to the present. Kaileena refuses and attacks him. The Prince then forces Kaileena to go into the present by pushing her in a portal. When the Prince kills Kaileena, the Dahaka appears and absorbs her being into his own. The Prince assumes, with Kaileena gone, he is free from the the monster's grasp.[2]

However, the Dahaka appears to attack him, only to take the Medallion time Time, the last relic of the Sands of Time. In doing so, the Prince realizes that he has achieved destroying the guardian of time and changing his fate as well. Relieved, the Prince boards his ship and prepares to go home. However, as he reaches Babylon, he finds his kingdom is under siege.[2]