The Prince is a thief, clad in rags of red and blue and is not of royal blood. Like all epic heroes, however, what the Prince wears says a lot about who he is and what he has been through. He has elements of luxury in his dress - the red and blue cloth that he uses as a turban and scarf that would be available only to those with money. However, he is also perfectly capable of putting functionality before style by wearing plain leather leggings to help protect his legs rather than dazzle the eye. He wields a long sword and a mysterious gauntlet on his left hand, which enables him to climb across and jump from walls.


The Prince believes people cannot be trusted and that living in the past is ignorant. His "live for today" attitude allows him to perform death defying stunts without fear. Through dialogue with Elika, the Prince reveals that when he was a child, his parents went to the aid of another kingdom, leaving him in the care of relatives.

It is heavily implied that the Prince secretly fears losing a friend, or at least someone close to him, which is the reason why he constantly changes companions in order to not become close to anyone; the loss of his parents and nearly everyone around him may attribute this.

They promised that they would retrieve him one day, but never did, and he presumes they died. He describes their act as "fighting someone else's battle", which he thinks is a waste of time. Nearing the end of the game, the Prince seems to be attracted to and genuinely caring for Elika. He's also a dreamer, hoping for all the riches of the world.

In the ending of the Epilogue, it's revealed the Prince does care for Elika considering that he does not want her to leave him to find the other Ahura. However, in The Fallen King, he appears to accept her departure and after cleansing another land of the corruption.


The proof of the Prince's development was first confirmed when a file was leaked to the internet in September 2006 but Ubisoft didn't made any comment. The following year, another file was leaked revealing artworks and prototype skins of a new female ally but still, Ubisoft didn't made any comment.

On April 2008, Ubisoft officially announced that there will be a new Prince of Persia game which will bring a new story line and a new Prince to the franchise that was based on the original 1989 Prince of Persia game.[1][2]


  1. by that, they of course meant that the aesthetics and gameplay would be more like the original, not the story or characters
  2. - Prince of Persia (2008)
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