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"If you wish to stop the army, you will need more time. I have given it to you."
Water acrobatics

The Prince uses the Powers of the Djinn to control water.

The Power of the Djinn are strengths based within the elements of nature. As spiritual creatures, be they Ifrit or Marid, Djinn have untold control over their specific environment or elements. In certain cases, Djinn can grant humans control over elemental powers and time without the use or assistance of the Dagger or Sands of Time.


In The Forgotten Sands the Prince never uses the powers of the Sands of Time, but is instead granted the powers of the Djinn by Razia, a Marid and guardian of King Solomon's former kingdom (now governed by the Prince's brother, Malik) and the Reservoir below in the city of Rekem. The Prince uses Razia's powers to battle the Ifrit Ratash and his Sand Army.

Known Abilities

  • Power of Time - Gives the ability to manipulate Time.[2]
  • Power Of Flow - Gives the ability to freeze water.[2]
  • Power Of Flight - Gives the ability to attack from a Distance by turning into a streak of Blue Energy[2]
  • Power of Memory (also known as Earth Recall) - Temporarily restores features such as walls and columns[2]
  • Ice Blast - Creates a wave of ice that damages enemies in it's path.[2]
  • Whirlwind - Creates a gust of wind that knocks enemies's back.[2]
  • Trail of Flame - A trail of fire follows you, causing damage to any enemies that touch it.[2]
  • Stone Armor - Surrounds you in stone armor that stops any damage.[2]


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