The Prince experiences a vision in Sands of Time

Visions are an ability gained by the Prince in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.


During the course of Sands of Time, the Prince can use the powers of the Dagger and later the Medallion to use the Power Of Prophecy and see what his future holds. It is during one of these visions, the Prince witnesses Farah stealing the Dagger, and begins to distrust her. There are other instances when he has these visions that the Prince may see a possible future death or fatal accident.

These visions seem to take a toll on the Prince's will, since after each of them we can see the prince in a fetal position on the floor. The Prince compares them to fever dreams in his in-game narration, saying. Despite the negative effects they seem to have on him, The Prince is determined to see these visions, as witnessed in cut scenes where he ignores Farah's pleas for him not to enter the glowing sand column or where he simply walks into them intently.

These visions serve two purposes for the player. First, they give the player a few glimpses of the course to be taken through the next area. It also allows the player a chance to save directly after seeing the vision.


  • During these visions, the Prince will often see himself suffer from a fatal attack or fall. It could be that surviving any one or all of these events is what has summoned the Dahaka, that continually chases after him in an attempt to erase him and his existence in Warrior Within. That preventing a fate he sees in a vision goes against the timeline that the Dahaka protects.
  • In Warrior Within, it appears that the Power of Destiny was originally going to appear in the game, but may have been cut before the final release. If one watches the development videos in the game's extra features menu, they can be noticed.
  • A character, Desmond Hume, from Lost experiences similar visions with whispers and flashes.