This article is about the location in Prince of Persia (1989). You may be looking for Persia from The Sands of Time.
Persia (1989 Game)
Persia (1989)
Physical Information
Location Western Asia
Political Information
Rulers Sultan
Historical information
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Prince of Persia (1989)
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame

Persia is the location of the first two Prince of Persia games: Prince of Persia (1989) and Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame.


Prince of Persia

Persian Kingdom was ruled by the Sultan who had an only daughter. Sultan left his kingdom to fight on foreign land, and left his grand Vizier Jaffar in charge. Jaffar abused his power, and planned to marry the Sultan's daughter to legitimize his rule[1]. Jaffar gave the Princess an hour to accept his proposal, or he would kill her. Fortunately a young traveler who Jaffar had thrown in prison, managed to save the Princess and defeat Jaffar[2].

Prince of Persia 2

When Sultan returned to his Kingdom, he was grateful for the boy's help and offered him treasure. The young man however only wanted to marry the Princess. Since the Princess also loved the young man, the Sultan allowed them to marry, and the boy became known as Prince of Persia. Eleven days later Sultan's enemies were marching against Persia, and Sultan again had to leave to fight. As soon as Sultan left, the new Prince took power. Unknown to the Sultan however, Jaffar had survived and used his magic to take the Prince's look. Jaffar uses his magic to put the Princess under a spell. People hearing of Princess' illness were stunned and unrest was growing in the Kingdom. Jaffar used this opportunity to put the city under martial law[1].

The real Prince had escaped Persia, and found himself in his birth city, Basra, learning of his heritage. He also visited the Temple of Fire and obtained part of the Blue Flame. Using the Blue Flame, the Prince killed Jaffar for good, and freed Persia from his tyranny[1].

Prince of Persia 3D

On the Princess's 21st birthday[3], Sultan's younger brother Assan invited the Persian royal family for a visit to his Kingdom[4]. Assan used this chance to kill Sultan's guards and threw the Prince in jail, all to force Sultan to keep his word, and have his daughter marry Assan's son Rugnor. When the Prince confronted Assan, Assan tried to kill the Prince, but Sultan jumped in front of the knife and was killed instead. Sultan did that to make his word to Assan void. The Prince saved the Princess from the hands of Rugnor, who was willing to kill the Princess if he couldn't have her. Prince then flew away from Persia with Princess on a Lamassu[3].



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