Physical Information
Location India[1]
Political Information
Allies Indians Indian Army[1]
Factions Persians
Historical information
Founded Unknown
Out-of-Universe Information
Appearances Battles of Prince of Persia

Patna[1] is known as the capital of India.[1] It is also the city in which the Maharajah and Kalim reside in Battles of Prince of Persia.[1]


Battles of Prince of Persia

Having started broke the treaty and started a war between India and Persia, the Prince was suppose to go to Patna and conquer it. However, he instead left for Aresura, leaving Sharaman to attempt to conquer the city.[1] Having word of the persian army matching towards the city, the Maharajah and his son, Kalim, prepare to defend themselves.[1] The Indian Army was successful at driving the invaders away from the capital.[1]

Later, it was them come to under the threat of the Daevan Army, in which they marched toward to destroy[1] ; Under the impression the Vizier was alive, Saurva made his way to the city with intentions of revenge by burning it to the ground and killing much of it's inhabitants.[1] Kalim sacrificed the conquest of Babylon to protect the capital. Despite his best efforts, he is killed in battle and the city is burned.[1]


The aftermath of the event is unknown. After the events of Warrior Within in which created a new timeline, the Vizier eventually killed the Maharajah and took over India. This implies this city was under his control prior to his death.[2]