Old Man
Biographical Information
Name Old Man
Gender Male
Birthplace Babylon, Persia
Species Human
Status Unknown
Professional Information
Occupation Mentor to the Prince
Rank None
Affiliation Persia
Objects Staff,
Powers None
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia: Warrior Within,
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
Voice Actors Hubert Fielden

"Your journey will not end well. You cannot change your fate, no man can"
—The Old Man

The Old Man is a minor character in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and The Two Thrones.[1][2] A longtime friend of Sharaman, the Old Man was a mentor to the Prince.

Official Description

Official Strategy Guide

"The Old Man has looked after the Prince since he was a child, treated him as his own. The Prince's natural father, the King, was often too busy waging wars and forging empires to properly look after his son. Therefore, the King sought the wisest man in the Kingdom to care for his son. The Old Man teaches the Prince with unflinching devotion and dedication. He has long been the Prince's mentor. When the Prince realizes he cannot defeat the creature that is perusing him, he wisely turns to the Old Man. Living somewhere deep within Babylon, this old mystic seems to be in touch with knowledge and understanding far deeper than any human possesses."
—Official Booklet Description[3]

Instructional Manual

"Living in a tent somewhere deep in Babylon, this old mystic seems to be in touch with knowledge and understanding far deeper than any human should possess. While the Prince will only speak to the Old Man once (at the beginning of the game), his words and his wisdom will carry us through the Prince’s entire adventure."
—Instructional Manual[4]


Early Life

The Old Man is a friend of King Sharaman of Persia. As he too preoccupied with his duties as a King to properly care for his sons, particularly the Prince, he looked to the Old Man to take his place. The Old Man obliged King Sharaman's request and looked after the Prince and tutored him.

Warrior Within

The old man has watched over the Prince since he was a child. He is very wise and he knows a great deal about the Sands of Time and the place of their creation, the Island of Time.[1] The old man names the Dahaka "the beast" during the dialog with the Prince before he traveled to the Island of Time. However, he did not believe that the Prince was able to change his fate.[1]

The Two Thrones

When he and the Prince cross paths again in Babylon during Zurvan's hostile take over [2], the old man calls him "the true Prince of Persia". He gathers the remaining citizens of the city to fend off the Vizier's army long enough for the Prince and Farah to enter into the palace. His fate after the Vizier is killed is never revealed.[2]


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