Biographical Information
Name Nasreen Rahman
Alias(es) Sorceress
Gender Female
Birthplace Kingdom of Izdihar
Species Human
Family Amir Rahman (Father, deceased)
Status Alive
Professional Information
Occupation Princess of Izdihar
Affiliation Kingdom of Izdihar,
the Haoma (formerly)
Powers Magic (formerly)
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Wii)
Voice Actors

Nasreen Rahman is the Princess of the Kingdom of Izdihar. After she accidentally releases the Haoma from the kingdom and ravaged Izdihar, she is transformed into the Sorceress by the Haoma. She is freed by the efforts of the Prince and Zahra.[1]


Forgotten Sands (Wii)

One day when walking outside the kingdom, she found a strange plant dying. She took it back into Izdihar and cultivated it, till it thrived and grew all over Izdihar. Unknown to herself and her people, the plant was slowly corrupting those who came in contact with it, making them aggressive and finally mutating their bodies. Due to her cultivating it and being the one in closest and most frequent contact, it corrupted her the most, till she became the Sorceress.[1]

As the Sorceress, then led an army of corrupted animals and plants against the remaining citizens of Izdihar and crushed them until only two remained as well as banning the Djinn kind from the city, Zahra. However other one used the Forge of the Gods to create a sword capable of destroying the Haoma. He fought the Haoma until he was on the edge of death and with his last breath, sealed the Sorceress and the Haoma inside stone with the sword.[1]

She was then later released when the magical sword forged to seal the Sorceress was broken by the Prince. Throughout his adventure, she would confront him and tempt him into joining her side, having first animate the Guardian and later confronting him inside a temple within Izdihar.[1] Eventually after he reconstructs the magical sword, she tempts him again to no avail, causing her to collapse the palace and cause a sandstorm. Battling the Sorceress and the Haoma plant empowering her, the Princess succeeds in slaying the evil plant and frees the Sorceress from it's control, returning her back to Nasreen.

The dying Haoma managed to grab hold of Nasreen again, and Prince struggled to keep hold of her. While claiming the Haoma being unleashed is her fault and Zahra pleading the Prince to not allow the last of the royal line of Izdihar to die, the Prince makes a decisive decision; he grants her his immortal spirit with a kiss before falling, surging in magical blue light. Surviving the ordeal, Nasreen narrates how they were torn apart by fate, and someday she will meet her Prince once again.[1]


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