Mourning King

The Mourning King Corrupted

Human Mourning King

The Mourning King's Artwork
Biographical Information
Name Mourning King
Birthplace Persia
Family Elika's mother (Wife), Elika (Daughter)
Professional Information
Occupation Corrupted, King of the Ahura
Objects Sword
Series information
Appearances Prince of Persia (2008), Prince of Persia: Epilogue
Voice Actors

"Please! I did this for you. The task of our people is past. The tree grows weak. "
—The Mourning King

The Mourning King was the last ruler of the Ahura and father of Elika.


Early Life

He lost his wife years ago and gave in to grief. The Ahura's failing kingdom collapsed and he and the few remaining Ahura continued to dwindle until at some point Elika, his daughter, died. Grief-stricken, he made a deal with Ahriman: Should he resurrect Elika he would free Ahriman. His wish was granted and he made his way to the Temple where Ahriman was imprisoned within the Tree of Life.

Elika tried to talk him out of the deed, and she and the Prince fought him and raced ahead to the Temple. They entered and found the tree still strong. The King followed and after defeat at the hands of the Prince, he destroyed the Tree of Life, causing Ahriman and the Corrupted to be set free once again.

Servant of Ahriman

Throughout the game, the Mourning King is encountered several times at the Temple, each time appearing more and more corrupted. In each of these instances, he attempts to convince Elika to abandon the Prince and her quest to restore the land. In the final fight before Ahriman, he has become completely corrupted and attempts to get Elika to join him and Ahriman one last time.

However, she still refuses, but forgives him for what he has done, and is forced to fight him one last time. He is finally defeated, but he escapes Elika's healing by casting himself into the Corruption inside the Temple.

After Ahriman is released, the Mourning King pursues the Prince through the Underground Palace, firstly to prevent them from escaping, then to offer the Prince a pact with Ahriman and finally to kill the Prince. In the end he is once again defeated by the Prince and Elika, but not healed by Elika and escapes death through Corruption.